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NEM Pro is born from an idea of Clarisse Debout and Andrea Bigiarini with the aim of organizing a working group made up of those who, at some point in his life, have decided to devote himself body and soul to Mobile Photography and has put aside work or other occupations.

"Still life" - Julia Badakhshan

Julia Badakhshan - United Kingdom.

Art has been always been my passion, and permeates through all aspects of my life. Since childhood I have loved to draw and paint. Children’s stories and illustration have been a huge inspiration in my work and I have aspired to create dreamlike images to transport one to a whimsical and imaginary world. Nature has played a significant role in my art; Natural textures, colours and form are a constant fascination of mine which is carried through into my photography with a painterly effect, creating an intriguing collaboration.

I studied Fine Art at Croydon College Of Art and Design in The United Kingdom where my technical knowledge and creative ability was further developed.  This solidified my desire to forge a career in the arts. It was an honour of mine to have had some of my work exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London. 

Still life