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NEM Pro is born from an idea of Clarisse Debout and Andrea Bigiarini with the aim of organizing a working group made up of those who, at some point in his life, have decided to devote himself body and soul to Mobile Photography and has put aside work or other occupations.

"Hôtel Salé - Musée Picasso" by Dominique Torrent

Dominique Torrent

Dominique Torrent

Dominique Torrent - France

I got my first iPhone in 2010 but I was using it only for calls and a calendar. One day in 2013 I found an internet site (photojojo) that offered courses to learn how to do make good pictures with the iPhone; I signed up for it and had to open an Instagram account. I started to post images and one day to my great surprise I had one 'like'. It did my heart good!! But what was it? I found 'likes' of @ momma2mxh.
I followed her account (at the time it was much more photo editing) and immediately knew that I had to learn those techniques. It was going to be a divertion to create because my life had nothing much creative to share except for a few dresses or some items I made for myself from time to time. I searched the internet for 'how to do', what apps you had to have, and I found theappwhisperer. And since it has become a passion, a deep need to create.

Hôtel Salé - Musée Picasso