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NEM Pro is born from an idea of Clarisse Debout and Andrea Bigiarini with the aim of organizing a working group made up of those who, at some point in his life, have decided to devote himself body and soul to Mobile Photography and has put aside work or other occupations.

"AAA - Angústia Ansiedade Amargura" by M. Cecilia São Thiago

M. Cecilia São Thiago - France

My work attempts to show how photography extends beyond its own physical and subjective limits and often tells a whole story about the effects of human interaction.
Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to conjure up the realms of our imagination. I create through processes of imagination and visualization what can be seen explicitly as a ritual to perceive intuitively what is hidden.
My images, sometimes dreamy, or simply pictorial are made with the iPhone and elaborated through applications for iPad in a Digital Collage.
— M. Cecilia São Thiago

AAA - Angústia Ansiedade Amargura