Founder Artist

Aldo Pacheco

Aldo Pacheco - NEM Founder Artist

Name: Aldo Pacheco
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Resides: Toronto, Canada
Profession: Elctronic Engineer (telecom)
Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Work with Fused Glass and Silver, Writing small poems and short stories that nobody reads ;-)
Year of Birth: 1968

I always wanted to be and artist, and in a way I feel like one, since I was a child I loved to draw, I tried to learn to play guitar but it wasn't my thing.

Although I can spend hours listening the same CD or the same song, well I love music and that was the reason that I started writing, but when I heard a Peruvian Rocker Icon Daniel F's cd "Memorias de Vesania" it changed everything. During my years of university I studied ceramics for a while and years later I became a jeweler, creating one of a kind pieces

When I get into photography I got a different feeling in how to see things from other perspective, but something was missing...

In 2010 I started with iphoneography as a curiosity or by mistake, but starting to like it...and I realized that I found what I was looking for: a new way to express myself, my feelings, my thoughts. my emotions... I discovered the hidden universe that I was looking for... 

I still writing, drawing, dreaming, creating one of a kind jewelry pieces, listening music and trying to learn how to play guitar (then bass and later a chapman stick.. haha), but iphoneography had fulfill my dreams. and I always wonder where it will get me, but I'm not worry about it, I know I will find my way....

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum