Founder Artist

Andrew B. White

Andrew B. White - a graphic designer, visual artist and musician originally from Auckland, New Zealand currently located in Alberta, Canada.

Andrew B. White NEM Founder Artist

I have been experimenting with 'mobile photography' since early 2010 and have had my work shown in a number of physical and digital mobile photography shows and exhibitions. As a graphic designer have over 20 years of Photoshop experience and prior to that several years of traditional experience in editing photos for graphic design work. Those skills include retouching, manipulation, colour correction, resizing etc. However, for my mobile photography I do not process any of my works outside of the iPhone but my traditional graphic skills carry across and influence my mobile work flow. I don't believe I have a specific signature style; more a broad range of processes that I apply to my photos to create certain visual looks. My images definitely lean towards more traditional photography in content, presentation and composition. I tend to shoot anything I come across in everyday life as well as cityscapes, architecture, landscapes, skies, found situations and objects, right through to art nudes. 

For editing my images, I will use a number of apps to create the effect I am after although quite often I do very little editing. To me it is usually about the photo first and the editing second.

I take a lot of HDR shots, and still enjoy using Hipstamatic when the occasion calls. In 2010 I shot what I believe was the first album cover package using exclusively an iPhone (3G) and Hipstamatic. I have since used mobile photography shots for album covers and other artwork and have processed 'regular' photographs using an iPhone instead of Photoshop.

As well as mobile photography I have also been experimenting with mobile film/video making. I'm a member of MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa) which "aims to explore the possibilities of interaction between people, content and the emerging mobile industry." In February 2012 I co-curated with Dr. Max Schleser a showcase of mobile photography and film for the 2012 Wellington Fringe Festival. Selected artists were invited to show their works in conjunction with an 'open call' and the images were shown by mobile projection on inner-city walls in Wellington and as continuous looped slide shows on LCD TVs.

I have also been involved in beta testing iPhone photography apps and hardware, most notably HiLo Lens and UI design.

I am always interested to see the fantastic work of my peers and enjoy the friendships made around the world via the on-line community. The web really is an integral part of mobile photography.

Some thoughts on mobile photography in general:

I know and have worked with many professional commercial and fine-art photographers who use high end cameras and have very traditional skill sets. Camera phones and mobile photography have often been seen as the 'illegitimate poor cousin' to more traditional photography. It is important that we see mobile photography not as a threat, competitor or replacement for traditional photography but as another form of producing visual art. We should explore all types of ways of producing photographic art and rather than dismissing camera phones toys. I am interested how we can use the limited functionality of camera phones to create photographic art (and also video art, short films etc). Mobile photography is an exciting art form within the photographic arts and I am excited to be part of the ever-growing world-wide mobile photography community.


EXPOSURE Columbus Ohio • Mobile Photo Awards show New York, USA • 9th Annual "Snap to Grid" Digital Art Show LACDA (Los Angeles Centre For Digital Art) • The Third Wave juried show Berkeley, CA / OutOfMyMind Gallery, Bremen, Germany • FotoLoft Gallery, Moscow, Russia Strawberry Fields iPhoneography show • Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art' Los Angeles CA, USA as part of the 2012 Mobile Photo Awards • The Art of iPhone Photography "MOBILE PIXELS" exhibition at LACDA • LunchBox Gallery, Miami, Florida USA "iPHONEOGRAPHY: UPDATED VISUAL DIALOGS" • MINA at Fringe, Mobile Visual Art Showcase, Wellington, New Zealand • First Annual iPhoneography Miami Exhibition at ArtSpace Gallery, Miami, Florida • "Snap to Grid" Digital Art Show LACDA • Berlin, Germany - EyeEm Street Art Projection • Atlanta, Georgia - Hipstographs: Experiments in Hi-Fi Lo-Fi at Gallery M • P1XELS: The Art of the iPhone at Arty Gallery Los Angeles • Pints And Pixels" for MPOLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles 2011) • P1XELS: The Art of the iPhone at OCCCA (Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art), Santa Ana, California

Magazine Articles/Published Works:

New Zealand Herald feature 2012 • Urbis Magazine October 2011 • R E > p u b l i c a t i o n Issue #2 • P1XELS Magazine Issue #2 • P1XELS Magazine Issue #3 • P1XELS Magazine Art Nudes Issue • Pints & Pixels Competition: Cell Phone Edition I, published by the LA branch of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMPLA).

Selected album cover packages: Greg Johnson's Secret Weapon (2010) • Dukes' Still Life album (2010) • Kevin Field's Field of Vision album (2012).


2013 Mobile Photo Awards - shortlist in "Children" category • 2011 Mobile Photo Awards: Several images short listed and top 5 • "highly commended award" in the Mobile Art Grant Award. Many images have been selected as the "Daily Pic" on P1XELS - the art of the iPhone, featured as "Artist of the Day" on iPhoneArt and featured on EyeEm.

I post images regularly to mobile photo-sharing sites such as flickr,, EyeEm, tumblr, P1XELS, 500px, Snapr and of course Instagram. My user name is andrewbwhite

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum