Founder Artist

Carmelo Marasciulo

Carmelo Marasciulo - NEM Founder Artist


It's on this concept so basic that it is based my passion for art. Born in Puglia, Italy, class 73. Various musical experiences and then return, thanks to technology, visual art. Photos that blend together to create the personal vision that makes art something very intimate. The structure of every single thing can be dissected, taken over and then made abstract. Art as a continuation of my futurism using my progress to make art. From an abstract structure to define a new way of thinking. Abstraction as a basic concept for any training. All concepts that somehow involve me and the way I use technology to make art. All that leads me to a different form from that paid for me is art. It's involvement. It's emotion. I could use a thousand words but I know better define my feeling for the art would suffice two overlapping colors and a light in the center.

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum