Founder Artist

Cryz Imbue

Cryz Imbue - NEM Founder Artist

Cryz is a 5th generation clan mother of Maryland's Piscataway people.

Being Piscataway- Conoy is one dimension of who she is. She views herself and her art as an extension of the greater human experience. Cryz is self taught; developing her art education from peers within the field, Mother Earth, and living the "red road." The center of her philosophy is that creating and displaying art is a means of liberation and communication of feelings. The sources of motivation and inspiration for her iPhoneography comes through the many human experience stories and through nature. iPhoneography is her way of expressing her story and sharing stories of others that would not otherwise be seen or felt. Her work means freedom, balance, and joy. It is an inlet, outlet and a way of living.

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum