Founder Artist

Cynthia Westover

Cynthia Westover - NEM Founder Artist

My first camera was a plastic film camera somewhere around 1967 give or take a year.

My passion grew for photos grew through the years morphing from one film camera to the next from my first viewfinder Yashica Electra 35 to a Contax G1 and on to my current "big girl" camera the Canon Rebel Ti. I tried my hand at creative photos, but mainly my photos consisted of vacation and family candids as I was working and raising my son. As I approached retirement I wondered how I could expand my love for the art of photography. It couldn't have been a better time to wonder. I discovered that art of the iPhone and have not yet looked back. I see what I see. I capture what I capture. I create art from what I see and capture. Iphone art has given me a new perspective on the art of photography.

My work has been exhibited in the WiAM exhibit in Italy and in Dante's Comedy on Mobile Art among other exhibitions and publications.

I'm ever evolving in the process and reveling in the magic of the art of my iPhone and LOVING the growing community of this new era of photography and image sharing.

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