Founder Artist

David Scott Leibowitz

David Scott Leibowitz - NEM Founder Artist

David Scott Leibowitz began creating Polaroid SX-70 art, collage and photomontage around 1977, renewed his passion for creating similar artwork using Apple computers in 1991 and since 2008, an iPhone and iPad. 

Leibowitz’s involvement with mobile digital art goes way beyond creating art using the latest tools. In June of 2009, he co-developed an iPhone app, “iCreated”, which is dedicated to artwork made on these iDevices and to creating a visual correlation between art and creative apps. This put him in touch with many of the artists using iPhones, app developers and the many places on the web where these types congregate. Making art on the iPhone or iPad and joining dedicated groups on Flickr, a photo-sharing social network, put him in the middle of an incredibly supportive and proactive international community. 

In July of 2009 he began writing a book about art created on iPhones and iPads and now, this finished book, Mobile Digital Art, published by Focal Press, features the work of 70 international artists and will be published in the Spring of 2013.

In the Spring of 2010, Leibowitz and six others co-founded The International Association

of Mobile Digital Artists, or iAMDA, an organization dedicated to this new medium. 

The submitted artwork is a continuation of the visual exploration conducted by this artist for the last 35 years. From experimentation in the darkroom, in-camera effects, photomontage, 15 years of working with Polaroid SX-70 materials, digital art via Photoshop 1.0 and Painter 1.0, video art, right up to today’s latest iPhone app. All works here were shot with an iPhone or iPad, then altered on an iPhone or iPad. 

With a multitude of images created in various mediums, the latest tools and techniques and a refined artistic sensibility, Mr. Leibowitz, camera still in hand, continues his pursuit of new methods to match new visions.

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum