Founder Artist

Davide Capponi

Davide Capponi - NEM Founder Artist

I see the growing movement of iPhoneography as very similar to the Punk revolution of 1977: everyone could pick up a guitar to go onstage and creative energy mattered more than technique.

Mobile photography has been for me a brand new start after years of abandonment of my love for making images. The combination of being able to shoot and process an image anytime anywhere and share your creation at once with fellow artists marked the difference for me.

Memories, good and bad, evolve in time in our mind as we shape them with emotions: any meaningful event of your life as time passes will go through a process of emotive addition and subtraction. In this way a distant memory of your childhood can become very heavily loaded with emotions that come from all of your life, not only the day it happened.

This is what I am doing with my images: I “dress” them as old and emotionally loaded memories and provide them with a lifetime of feelings.

I live in Italy, partly in Torino where I was born and partly in Milano where I work. Photography is not my work but my pleasure.

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum