New Era Museum Honorary Member

Dilshad Corleone

Dilshad Corleone - NEM Honorary Member

Dilshad aka italianbrother on Instagram, albeit in love with the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson and his 35mm format, considers himself to be a true Mobile Photographer. His street photography has been exhibited internationally in Europe, America and East Asia, from London to Japan passing by New York to name but a few. 

Dilshad’s work has also been published in major magazines and paper edition books, and he is also a columnist for and an active member of

Recently, Dilshad was the main contributor for an inspirational video that saw him walking on the streets of Barcelona and photographing the day-to-day life. This video has been received with very positive reviews widely from the Mobile-Photography World ( 

Dilshad’s work is gracing the wall of private owners in London, Italy, France, Spain and the USA.

Dilshad has travelled widely, especially in East Asia, Africa and recently in Iraq where he worked in an orphanage as a volunteer. His Mobile Photography has a strong feel of the old 1920’s 1930’s photography and he loves the grunge, the dirt, and the grit. Dilshad is also fond to portray the unspoken London, the untold London, with heavily blurred background, men with big, long beards, hats and characteristic and peculiar faces. Mobile Photography and Street-photography has given him the power to tell his stories, what he sees and what touches him.


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