Founder Artist

Grant Horsnell

Grant Horsnell - NEM Founder Artist

I studied Photography and Painting at the Australian National Art School in the early nineties, where I was captivated by both Abstraction and Collage. 

Children ensured that my visual life took a back seat for the next 15 years, so any creative energy that I had in those years was spent on music. 

Then in 2010 I experienced an epiphany: the IPhone. 

Intimate and personal, it has become an extension of my self. 

Everywhere I go, everything I see and hear is instant grist for my mill. 

I cannot explain to you how revolutionary this has been for me. 

Iphonography has set me free. 

2012 has definitely been my Year Of Abstraction. 

I feel this is just the beginning...

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum