Founder Artist

James Clarke

James Clarke received his Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees from the University of Wisconsin/Madison.

James Clarke - NEM Founder Artist

He taught Art in the Cheyenne, Wyoming and Madison Wisconsin Public School Systems prior to establishing himself as a professional Artist founding the James Clarke Glass Studio. James produced a line of blown glass perfume vials, vessels, and sculptures until the late 1990's (see After a brief detour out of the Art business, James returned to the creative arts with the establishment of the online business, where he transforms client's favorite photographs into pop art renditions printed on canvas via large format screen printers.

During this time, he was introduced to iPhone photography, otherwise known as iPhoneography. In the relatively short time this Art form has existed, James has had national and international recognition for his work. His iPhonography has been included in several photographic competitions including iWorld at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center; the 1st annual iPhoneography Miami 2012 Show in Miami, FL; the Phone-ography show at the Arts Eye Gallery in Tucson; Mobile P1xels - The Art of the iPhone 2012 at the Los Angeles Center for the Digital Arts; Diverging Mediums: Photography vs. iPhoneography at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA May 2012; The Third Wave at the Garden Gate Creativity Center in Berkeley, CA and at the OutOfMyMind Gallery in Bremen, Germany.

A tutorial of James Clarke’s “A Boy with his Head in the Clouds” was included in the E-Book “Mobile Masters” by iPhoneographer/Photographer/Author - Dan Marcolina. His work can also be seen at,,, and

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum