Founder Artist

Manuela Matos Monteiro

Manuela Matos Monteiro NEM Founder Artist

I spent hundreds of hours in the darkroom developing films and printing photos I took with my Canon A1.

The digital camera was a blessing for me because I could control much better my work and because all creative process was much faster. Me and my husband, also a photographer, organized individual exhibitions all over the country, Portugal. But our works were also in an Art Gallery in Paris, Bordeaux, Maputo (Mozambique) and in the European Parliament in Brussels. I have some prizes but the one I like more is the 1st prize of an international contest “The woman and the vineyard”. 

A lot changed my work in photography when I got an iphone 3s. The portability, the discrete device, the possibility of editing and share so easily have everything to do with my creative process. The iphone became my main camera; since then, I participate in collective exhibitions, in foruns and in the social networks. Three of my photos were chosen and displayed in LA Mobile Arts Festival, Santa Monica, CA (August 2012). In february/march I have a individual exhibition with photos captured and edited with my iphone 4s in a portuguese museum 

Some of my work can be seen in this gallery 

In the facebook I like “My weather diary” (☺) 

I am portuguese and I live in Porto.

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum