Founder Artist

Mark Allan Smith

Mark Allan Smith - NEM Founder Artist

Name: Mark Allan Smith
Hometown: Burnley, England
Resides: Wigan, England
Profession: Design Engineer
Hobbies: Photography, Walking, Drumming and Bass Guitar
Year of Birth: 1972

I consider my Art and photography work in progress and I'm sure this is how it should be.

As I grow older my experiences change and so do my moods and therefore the way I perceive the world around me. 

Photography/iPhoneography to me is more of an obsession as opposed to a style. Keeping hold of my iPhone at this moment in time means expressing myself and documenting my life but as it happens I also capture instants in others. iPhones and mobile devices have really changed, if not improved my images as a street photographer thanks to how discrete and versatile they are. 

Lately I've also discovered how fulfilling it can be to take self portraits at certain times of my life where emotions are running high.

iPhoneography or iPhoneism has given me the opportunity to exhibit and publish my art worldwide and therefore I'm looking forward to see where it will take me in a few years time and most of all I'm curious and anxious to see the iPhone technology develop even further. 

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum