Founder Artist

Kim Martino

Kim Martino - Founder Artist

Kim Martino - Founder Artist

Ever since my Pop Pop gave me an Instamatic camera back in the sixties, I've been in love with photography. Or, perhaps, he noticed my inquisitiveness with cameras and those burnt-out flash cubes, and bought me my first camera…

As time went on, I'd accumulated all kinds, including a Polaroid SX70. When I was seventeen, I saved up my paychecks for a 35mm; my Minolta XG1! You could find me on overpasses at night, shooting the headlights and tail lights of the traffic below, in slow-shutter mode.
Later, I'd gotten married and had two beautiful sons to photograph. But it wasn't until I became a grandparent and got my iPhone 3Gs that I discovered my current obsession! Like many others, I found the Hipstamatic app, which propelled me into this wonderful movement of mobile photography. Hence my Facebook name; Hipstafiend, because I am.
Today, I shoot with an iPhone 4s, and sometimes my olloclip macro lens. Because when I can get my hands on flowers, I love to add to my FlowerPorn series. It's beauteous therapy!
My work has been published on and WeAreJuxt for an EyeEm contest. I've had an image chosen for The App Wars, and a couple works shown at The Lunchbox Gallery in Miami. More recently, my Hipstamatic images have been featured on

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum