Meri Walker

 Meri Walker - NEM ARTIST

Meri Walker - NEM ARTIST

Seeing is a lot harder than it looks.

I've been using all kinds of cameras and making all kinds of prints to make a living - and also to help me make sense of my personal experience - for over four decades. When I got my first iPhone, late in 2010, I put down all my traditional cameras and haven't picked one up since.

Having an iPhone in my pocket allows me to marry what I'm seeing on the outside with what I'm feeling on the inside -­ right inside my "camera." This is positively intoxicating. 

Having spent so much time in a darkroom, on a press, or trapped in a chair battling with computer software, I am giddy with the freedom of the mobile art­-making experience, the 24/7 gratification of digital exhibition, and the social delight of learning with and from other mobile artists around the globe. Living a virtually "gear­less" life, my creativity is expanding so fast I feel like a child again, hence I call myself "iPhoneArtGirl." 

I have taught photography for art workshops and several universities, so when I'm not shooting, apping or sharing my own work, I teach private workshops and tutor other mobile artists online. The joy of iPhoneography has me in its thrall. 

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