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Natali Prosvetova

Natali Prosvetova


Instagram: naprosvet

Natali Prosvetova, aka NaProsvet.
Born, bred and lives in Moscow, Russia. Being creatively inclined, Natali choose the profession of actress. Not surprisingly, later on photography became one of her biggest passions. Armed with her iPhone, Natali began to explore photography in February 2011.

She continued to be fascinated by a new hobby, developing her skills from just capturing images with iPhone, to moving into the art of iPhoneography. From small time killing habit iPhoneography became her biggest addiction which almost changed her life.

Starting from June 2011 her works has been constantly published in the online galery Pixels: The Art of the iPhone and she was introduced to the Pixels community as first iPhoneartist from Russia.

Gallery shows/events:


A selection of Natali's works have been exhibited at the Renaissance Fine Art & Design Gallery in Carmel, USA, 

at the Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa (MINA) in New Zealand, 

at the first WiAM exhibition in Naples, Italy, 2011-2012


International Hipstamatic Exhibition May 2012 in the Gallery of the Colectivo f4 , Portuga.

In August 2012 Natali participated in the first International iPhonography exhibition which took place in Moscow, Russia, 

LA Mobile Arts Festival, Santa Monica, CA (August 2012)

Biiam Belgitude iPhoneography exhibition Jonas Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (September-October 2012).

Joint exhibition with Andrei Chezhin at the Gallery G8 “In the tradition of Russian avant-garde” (Moscow, Russia) 2012, 


Galleries G8' residents Exhibition (Moscow, Russia) January – February 2013, 

iPhoneography: the Mobile Masters Session, Macworld/iWorld 2013, San Francisco, CA (January, 2013)

The Third Wave, Third Annual Global Exhibition of iPhonic Art From Around the World, Gallerie OutOfMyMind, Bremen, Germany (December 2012-February 2013)

The Third Wave, Third Annual Global Exhibition of iPhonic Art From Around the World, Garden Gate Gallery, Berkeley, CA (November, 2012-January 2013)

Mobile Masters

By Marcolina Design Inc an application where 50 talented world wide known artists display the secrets of creation the art of iPhoneography and also expose their passion and vision for the movement. Featuring Personal video interviews from 30 artist discussing how iPhoneography has changed them and photography, Many image tutorial videos, direct links to each app mentioned in the tutorials, hand selected portfolio of additional work from each artist, direct links to each artist websites, blogs, and even email address 


Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum