Founder Artist & NEM Administrator

Rosanna Cappiello

Rosanna Cappiello - NEM Founder Artist & Administrator

Rosanna Cappiello BA(Hons) Photography
Italian born photographer Rosanna Cappiello travelled to the UK at the age of 19, where she obtained a BA(Hons) in photography.

Rosanna describes her art as intimate photography mixed with social documentary.

Her fascination with the concept of 'The Other' results in the urge to approach individuals who attract her attention and ultimately photograph them.

Rosanna dedicated the past 3 years of her life to experimenting with an iPhone and the several Applications available dedicated to art and photography.

Having decided to take it further by challenging herself in all different situations, such as studio based commercial work, fashion, nudes, street photography, nature and more, to see how far she could take it.
According to the Rosanna, the art of photography is not about the type of camera used or image resolution, but about the artist’s vision, the composition and the ability to read light and communicate through powerful imagery.

There are those who simply take snap-shots with their iPhone, and those using the iPhone as an artistic medium.

The world of art and photography seems to be slow in accepting iPhoneography as a true art form, however, we are seeing that iPhoneographers who are true and dedicated artists, are beginning to change this interpretation.

Rosanna believes in the iPhone’s versatility not only in terms of dimension but also, as a street photographer herself, she realizes how discrete the device can be when approaching people on the streets, it is not as intimidating as a DSLR and it allows her to connect with her subjects on a whole different level.

Aside from being one of the founding Artists of NEM, Rosanna was published in several iPhoneography books, featured on numerous dedicated websites, had the opportunity to exhibit her iPhone work worldwide, including Italy, United Kingdom, New York, California and most recently in Moscow, Russia.

By submitting her iPhonoegraphy work around the world Rosanna aims to be one step further in spreading what she believes is an outstanding and contemporary way of creating art available to all individuals with a creative instinct.

All of the Images in this Gallery are From the ongoing series ‘Look For Someone Find Someone Else’

This series of photographs, produced using an iPhone, is about the artist as much as it is about the people she photographs.

The project focuses on identity, perception, deepest inner thoughts, intimacy and also who we are or pretend to be to deceive others.

Over the past 3 years the artist photographed individuals from all different backgrounds (lap dancers, prostitutes, self harmers, homosexuals, masochists, cross dressers) but with one thing in common. We all have secrets about our lives about our fantasies, desires and suppressed thoughts which we would not dare sharing.

This project is about all of us, about what makes us who we are and the fact that we will never know each other’s mind fully.


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