The Power of the iPhoneography - NEM presentation at the 5th Vittorio Veneto Film Festival

The power of the iPhoneography

On April 9th I will have the honor of speaking at the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival in front of 500 young adults of iPhoneography and the scopes of the New Era Museum.


The following artworks will be present in my keynote during I'll demonstrate the mission of the New Era Museum - That your image has the power to modify the perception of the world and make one much better.

I would like to thank:

Elisa Marchesini and all the staff of the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival for the invite and the fantastic opportunity to spread iPhoneography and the mission of NEM.

I would like to thank the following artist for their fab images (not in order): Vanessa Vox, Patricia Larson, Jennifer Bracewell, Benamon Tame, Steve Cooper, Janine Graf, Giancarlo Beltrame, Stefania Pecchioli, Aldo Pacheco, Catherine Restivo, Harold Naeye, Margit Gunnerstein, James Clarke, Robert Rozier, MaryJane Sarvis, Fabio D'Andrea, Cecily Caceu, Clint Cline, Tracy J Thomas, Lee Atwell, René Valencia and others.

Thank you all

Andrea Bigiarini

The keynote series

NOTE: The works in the gallery below are those that were included in my keynote presentation of the New Era Museum for the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival. Click on each to enlarge and read the associated topic.

"The Power of the iPhoneography" series

I want to thank these artists and friends for having responded in such a creative way at my request to show real works of art created using only two things: a phone and a great creativity.

I think this is the real Power of the iPhoneography.

Artworks by: Brett Chenoweth, Andrea Koerner, Cat Morris, Catherine Restivo, Robert Rozier, Davide Capponi, Jennifer Bracewell, Armineh Hovanesian, Federica Corbelli and Dilshad Corleone.