Founder Artist

Thérèse Cherton

Thérèse Cherton - NEM Founder Artist Flickr & IPA: IphOneOgrAphYThereseCherton. EyeEm : IphOneOgrAphYtc

I’ve never really been a photographer, I was reprographe. During my studies in graphic arts I learned all photographic processes of the shooting, development and enlargement, but what interested me was the “reprographing”.

Work on the “bancs de reproduction”, large bellows camera, scanner images to remove the 4 films database for print. The handling films with caches and caches contraindications to make arrangements. Early in my career I had the opportunity to learn a trade forgotten today. This was before the photo manipulation with Photoshop. I remember, for a magazine cover I rejuvenated the announcer at least 10 years and without a computer. Just hiding parts and exposing others.

(from an interview to Thérèse Cherton  in The App Whisperer)


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