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Vivi Hanson Sacerdote

Vivi Hanson Sacerdote

Vivi (Veevs) Hanson, an amateur photographer, born in Lima, Peru. Vivi lived in Peru until she was 19 years old and then moved to London, UK with her family.

Vivi currently resides in South West London in a small place called Old Isleworth, just by the river and very close to the beautiful Richmond on Thames.

Vivi discovered photography with the advent of digital cameras and ventured into iPhone photography in June 2011. She started experimenting with Hipstamatic and found some amazing websites and then she was hooked. Starting out with an iPhone 3GS she has now progressed to the iPhone 4S and an iPad3.

Vivi has been featured in A Day in the Life of ... at the AppWhisperer and has written a few tutorials there too.

Vivi's work can be found here and she is also trying to keep her blog updated!

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum