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William Nessuno

William Nessuno - NEM Founder Artist

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William Nessuno (Giuseppe Iannicelli, Alessandria, Italy, 1960).

I consider myself mainly a writer, nevertheless since I was a teenager I was fond of photography and visual arts in general.

I was about eighteen when I started to use my loved Olympus OM1n, soon also experimenting unusual techniques, expecially one I called “antientropy” based on alteration/isolation of partial TV frames, shooting directly a TV screen. My OM1n was stolen in 1993, for a while I left photography: in the meanwhile analogic was at its sunset and digital age rising. I transferred my creative activity with images on computer.

In the years 2000 I started to use non-professional digital cameras, also on phones. Through Flickr I was involved in a publication by Korero Books, “Street art and the war on terror”, 2007. 

When I had my first iPhone I seldom used the camera since, thanks to a friend and master, I discovered Hipstamatic. From that moment I became an iPhotographer.

My works are mainly “pure Hipstamatic”. Sometimes I use Apps to transform pictures, I'm working on this. Slowly.

Artworks Donated to The New Era Museum