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"NEM submissions" - The Emanuel Faria Selection.

These are the twelve entries selected by Emanuel Faria in "NEM submissions". Cathegory: "Street Photography".

Emanuel Faria - NEM Founder Artist

Emanuel Faria - NEM Founder Artist

Congratulations to: Phil Bishop, Michelle Robinson, Alain, Fotosensibile, Fotosensibile (2 selections - not a typo) , Manuela Matos Monteiro, Marco Lamberto, Gina Costa (this photo has been selected also by Pirmin Föllmi in "Black and White" cathegory), Rikko Bajacan, JQ Gaines, Manuela Matos Monteiro & Federica Corbelli.

Super-Congratulations to Fotosensibile & Manuela Matos Monteiro for the double winning entries.