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 Clarisse Debout - NEM Artist & Andrea Bigiarini

Clarisse Debout - NEM Artist & Andrea Bigiarini

NEM Pro is born from an idea of Clarisse Debout and Andrea Bigiarini with the aim of organizing a working group made up of those who, at some point in his life, have decided to devote himself body and soul to Mobile Photography and has put aside work or other occupations.

For this reason we have selected the artists that we consider the most significant in the Mobile Art Movement.

NEM Pro so it is oriented both to solidify the concept that we are the most significant and committed representatives of an international artistic movement and to build together with the commercial strategies in the field of the art market.

Different experiences, different visions and different ideas enclosed in the group to try to study together strategies, events, exhibitions, etc. to enhance our work especially from a business point of view. We grew up artistically and it is time to see a light on the path we are walking, leading to material gratification in what we do.

NEM Pro IS NOT an agency, it is NOT an art dealer but it's only a working group, exchange and cooperation between SINGLE artists.

The artistic journey is a lonely journey and so must remain but we believe that together we will be able to grow and arrive to our scope more easily through the exchange of opinions, advice, views within this group.

We are the hard core of the movement, the lone wolves but the team play can be a great stimulus for us both in the artistic and economic domains.

We set aside the compulsive posts, the likes and hearts.
Leave them for those who consider photography as a hobby.
We are professionals.
Clarisse Debout & Andrea Bigiarini

NEM Pro. "My pictures: my life."

- It’s NOT allowed to publish individual images.
- It is allowed to post ONLY series of six photographs (or more) at a time in order to have a broader view of the work of each artist on the subject / theme / technique that has faced.
- THERE ARE NO selections or curators.
- ALL galleries of EVERY member will be posted on a NEM PRO on a dedicated area New ERA Museum site and presented as small personal exhibitions.

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