"Still life" - Julia Badakhshan

"Still life" - Julia Badakhshan

Julia Badakhshan - United Kingdom.

Art has been always been my passion, and permeates through all aspects of my life. Since childhood I have loved to draw and paint. Children’s stories and illustration have been a huge inspiration in my work and I have aspired to create dreamlike images to transport one to a whimsical and imaginary world. Nature has played a significant role in my art; Natural textures, colours and form are a constant fascination of mine which is carried through into my photography with a painterly effect, creating an intriguing collaboration.

I studied Fine Art at Croydon College Of Art and Design in The United Kingdom where my technical knowledge and creative ability was further developed.  This solidified my desire to forge a career in the arts. It was an honour of mine to have had some of my work exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London. 

Still life

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum