"The Windows of Forgetfulness" - Aldo Pacheco

"The Windows of Forgetfulness" - Aldo Pacheco
 Aldo Pacheco

Aldo Pacheco

Aldo Pacheco - Canada.

Studied Electronic Engineer, specializing in wireless telecommunications
Professional jeweler, enthusiastic writer, musician, ceramist, and photographer
Relocated to Canada from Peru in 2006 and discovered iphoneography in 2010
NEM founder artist, curator of NEM KARMA, NEM PURE, FIPA gate keeper and member of the NEM ALOGUE
Personal iphonic art projects: Cadavre Exquis on Facebook
Artwork featured in NEM Photo Actions, Pixels, and various other publications
internationally acclaimed awards include MPA 2013, 2014, 2015  and MIRA Mobile Prize 2014, 2015
Artwork exhibited in cities including Porto, Paris, Los Angeles, and Florence

During my stay in Chiclayo area in Lambayeque - the home of The Lord of Sipan (north of Lima, Peru), I took the chance to visit some cemeteries in small towns, villages and ports where I spend some summers of my childhood. Chiclayo, Villa Eten, Puerto Eten, Ferreñafe and Pacasmayo where the ones I visit and with respect I captured the forgetfulness of time and people, the unbridled growth of the new over the forgotten..
The following photos belong to the first part of the series dedicated the cemeteries I visited and also became the longest series I ever made
Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum