"At the Beach" by Dominique Torrent

"At the Beach" by Dominique Torrent
I got my first iPhone in 2010 but I was using it only for calls and a calendar. One day in 2013 I found an internet site (photojojo) that offered courses to learn how to do make good pictures with the iPhone; I signed up for it and had to open an Instagram account. I started to post images and one day to my great surprise I had one ‘like’. It did my heart good!! But what was it? I found ‘likes’ of @ momma2mxh.
I followed her account (at the time it was much more photo editing) and immediately knew that I had to learn those techniques. It was going to be a divertion to create because my life had nothing much creative to share except for a few dresses or some items I made for myself from time to time. I searched the internet for ‘how to do’, what apps you had to have, and I found theappwhisperer. And since it has become a passion, a deep need to create.
— Dominique Torrent

"At the Beach"

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum