Aldo Pacheco curator of NEM goodkarma/badkarma action.


NEM goodkarma/NEM badkarma is a Photo-Action on EyeEm where you can contribute with images posting in 2 different galleries:

- NEM goodkarma

- NEM badkarma

Every two weeks (ending Friday night) 8 images (4 badkarma, 4 goodkarma) will be chosen by the curator and featured in the EyeEm album, on the NEM Facebook group and on NEM website.

Images must be shot and edited by mobile devices only.

Description of the action:

The Sanskrit word Karma (or kamma in Pali) literally means ACTION. In Buddhism however, karma mainly refers to one's intention or motivation while doing an action. The Buddha said:

“It is volition that I call karma; for having willed, one acts by body, speech, and mind.” (AN 3:415, from In the Buddha’s Words, p. 146.)

The shortest explanation of karma that I know is: 

'you get what you give'. 

- Pure Images (goodkarma): those that elevate the mind, nourish the soul, spirit and give you a positive boost to live in harmony. SPIRIT

- Impure Images (badkarma): those that are targeted only to the squalor of a material life. MATTER/BODY

these two types of images are at conflict one with the other.

"What's your choiche?"

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