Happy birthday Mobiography.

Mobiography, the digital magazine specific for mobile phone photography reaches its first anniversary this week.

The niche bi-monthly magazine, which has featured leading iPhone photographers, Dilshad Corleone, Jennifer Bracewell, Sarah Jarrett and Richard ‘Koci’ Hernandez, has built a loyal following and consistently achieves a five-star rating in the app store.

Mobiography first launched onto the shelves of the Apple Newsstand 12 months ago and at the time was only available to iPad users. Since then increasing interest has prompted the magazine to release an iPhone version and more recently onto Android. This makes the magazine available to everyone with a keen interest in mobile phone photography.

Publisher, Andy Butler commented: “We’ve had some pleasing results in the magazine’s infancy and have witnessed a growing demand for the education of this style of photography.

“The multi-platform launch has enabled Mobiography to reach a wider audience and create the highest quality of content by tapping in to knowledge of experts.”

To mark Mobiography’s first birthday, the magazine has launched a competition for one lucky reader to win two detachable mobile phone lenses, one fish-eye lens and one wide angle/macro lens. To enter, simply visit the iTunes App Store (http://bit.ly/12LiXXp) or Google Play (http://bit.ly/1jnaXVh), download and install the Mobiography app and complete the entry form inside the anniversary edition.

So: "Happy Birthday Mobiography" from your NEM friends!

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum