L.E.O. (Low Earth Orbit)
By Cristian Margarita @frelu

By Cristian Margarita @frelu

With the advent of the new apps for ipad and iphone (Cinamatic & PhotoMotion for example) the video is becoming the new frontier of the iPhoneography.


We are now moving from static to moving images using small movies with a duration ranging from 15 seconds to one minute. The next step for some artists has been to create the soundtrack of these Micro-Movies using the music apps for iOS in order to have a total visual and musical experience. 


"L.E.O." (Low Earth Orbit) of FRELU (Cristian Margarita) is an excellent example of this new technique. 


APP USED: PhotoMotion, Audiobus, NanoStudio, and Gestrument, created by the musician and software developer Jesper Nordin.

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