NEM Cultural Currents on NAO Magazine

Cultural currents images around the globe.

NAO Magazine is a bimonthly, digital and free magazine whose targets are the Instagram users in Mexico and around the world. The main editorial line of this publications is travel and photography.

NAO and NEM are good friends so thanks to Carlos de la Cruz Cantù (Editor in Chief of NAO Magazine),  Roger Guetta, talented visionary, iPhoneographer, performer and Founder Artists of the NEW Era Museum and me in every NAO issue will appear a selection of artworks posted in the group "Cultural Currents" on Facebook.

Roger made his selection and you can find this beautiful shots inside the NAO digital magazine embedded below.

Selected artworks by: Andrea Bigiarini, Dani Salvadori, Kathy Clay, Angelique Machanda-Perez, Giancarlo Beltrame, Roger Guetta, Sallie Kravetz, Anndrea Lewis and Karen Divine. 

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum