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«Labels are for cans, not people» (Andy Warhol)

Impossible Humans is a new kind of photographic event.

The main goal of the Impossible Humans project is to focus on the single person in order to enhance uniqueness and singularity, harmoniously placing the subject in her/his own environment, following the key component of the mindset that carried the European culture from the Middle Ages to Renaissance blossoming.

In short, the idea is to portray individuals detached from mass standards, cataloguing and divisions created by social, cultural and religious identities.

To place the single person in a perfectly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment.

Thus, Impossible Humans revolves around the portraiture of people; their uniqueness and personalities, enhancing our awareness of being each and all humans in every respect, each with our own with flaws, passions, emotions and dreams.

Impossible Humans is articulated in 2 main forms:

  • Photo Happenings held in clubs or public spaces where people showing interesting or peculiar features are photographed using Impossible instant analog films and Polaroid or  digital cameras.

The best amongst these photographs are then added to a [collection] shared online by the New Era Museum and its subsidiaries. For the next phase and form of the project, a curation of these photographs will become a series of coordinated real-world exhibitions.

  • Real-world Exhibitions will be held in a number of Art Galleries and other venues in the cities around the world. Here curated selections of photographs taken during the the Photo happenings will be shown in the form of original works, prints and enlargements.

Over 250 photographers from all over the world are contributing to the collection that will form the exhibitions.

Selections are also taking place through the [Impossible Humans Facebook official page], where photographers can submit their own works for consideration.

During the real-world exhibitions further shooting sessions will be held, where more people will be portrayed by present photographers. Selected shots will also be added to the comprehensive Impossible Humans collection.

The end of the Impossible Humans round of events is planned for the end of 2016. The release of a special photobook will then follow, featuring a specially curated final selection of international artists and their works archived in the collection.

The Impossible Humans project aims at reviving and reinterpreting in a contemporary social key the action of Andty Warhol, who immortalised artists and celebrities who have become cultural icons.

A photography project promoted by NEM - New Era Museum, in technical partnership Impossible and Native Instruments.

Galleries and venues interested in being part of the project are welcome. Please get in touch via the official Facebook page at

Impossible Humans is an idea of Andrea Bigiarini, digital and analog artists, founder of the [NEW ERA MUSEUM], President of the [FIPA Florence International Photography Awards.]

Visit the Impossible Humans collection at or

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum