THE MWV Selections

I'm thrilled to announce the 20 pieces that will appear in The Most Wanted Visionaries Exhibition at Tethys Fine Art Gallery during the FIPA FlorenceInternational Photography Awards - Summer Edition 2015.

During these days I will contact the artists for sending the Hi-Res version of each artwork.



  1. “Life under the surface” - Angie Johnson
  2. “Upload” - Robin Robertis
  3. “Nature Girl” - Diana Nicholette Jeon
  4. “Untitled” - Brett Chenoweth
  5. “Somerset House Nelson and Stamp Staircases” - Vivi Hanson
  6. “Ostinato” - Captain Flam
  7. “She was an escalator rule breaker” - Janine Graf
  8. “The Tax Office” - Eddie X
  9. “Irina” - AlexVisage iPhoneography
  10. “Untitled” - Jiri Dvorak
  11. “Not there but at least the atmosphere is interesting to me.” - Karen Divine
  12. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” - Lorenka Campos
  13. “All the World’s A Stage: We are tired actors” - Michelle Robinson
  14. “Her voice echoed in his mind” - Rob Pearson Wright
  15. “Sky Diver” - Dieter Gaebel
  16. “Walking the puppy” - Kim Martino
  17. “Green Hulk” - Patricia Larson
  18. “Untitled” - Erika Brothers
  19. “Stone Without” - Benamon Tame
  20. “Towards the Sea” - Lee Atwell


For Tethys Fine Art Gallery - Stefano Amantini, Guido, Massimo Borchi.

For the New Era Museum - Andrea Bigiarini

  • The MWV Exhibitionwill be hosted for 3 weeks at the Tethys Fine Art Gallery in Florence, Italy.
  • The MWV Collection Exhibition will have a single patron (TBA) which will cover the full costs for printing and framing the collection.
  • The 20 works will be printed in the format: 75x50 centimeters (framed size 100x80 centimeters).
  • The costs of printing and assembly will be fully covered by the Patron.

Each work will be printed TWICE:

ONE PRINT will be put on sale by the Tethys Fine Art Gallery. The selling price of each artwork will be agreed between FIPA and the individual artist who, in the case of a sale, will receive the payment via PayPal minus a 40% commission for the Tethys Fine Art Gallery.

ONE PRINT will be donated to the Patron for his private collection but *NOT for sale purposes. *Each printed work will be numbered, labeled and authorized in the following manner:

  • Two certificates of authority will be issued by the New Era Museum and Tethys Gallery stating that the work has been selected for the “Private Collection of The Florence International Photography Awards - Summer Session 2015”
  • The numbering of each work will be relative to the collection of 20 works as “ARTWORK X OF 20 by XXX artist, date.”
  • Certificates of authority will also be signed by each artist.
  • Images included in the FIPA Private Collection may be used by FIPA for promotional purposes such as catalogs, brochures, web promotion, publications.
  • Images in the Patron’s Collection may not be used for purposes other than personal possession and this public exhibition and events. For any other uses, the Patron must contact individual artists directly and make personal arrangements with them.
  • Unsold artworks will remain to FIPA and will be used for the FIPA Winter Session in January 2016.
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