NEM Minimalism 01 - Invited curator N°1 - Clint Cline

A great selection and review by Clint Cline - NEM Founder Artist 

More than a simple curation but a great lesson on Minimalism. Thank you Clint.

 Clint Cline - NEM Founder Artist 

Clint Cline - NEM Founder Artist 

Folks, this was hard. Beginning with 54 selects, culled then to 28, I was faced with the brutal task of paring the final cut to only eight. There are many fine images that remain, but miinimalism is, after all, a reduction to the essential. 

The bias in selection was based on my understanding of the minimalist ethos, which is simply centered on five key principles: SSCCF – Subject, Story, Composition, Color, Form. The images selected illustrate one or more of those principles. (Clint Cline)

(For the description of every artwork please rollover the mouse on the image)

SELECTED ARTWORKS BY:  Alon Goldsmith Mark Daniels Isabel Afonso Barbara Nebel Armineh Hovanesian Adrienne Parks Roger Guetta Hilary Packard.

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum