With a great help from our friends.

This was the largest demonstration of esteem and affection of friends and supporters of the New Era Museum.

Yesterday afternoon the subscription to cover the running costs of the server and web space of the New Era Museum was opened. In a few hours we were able to cover $ 234 thanks to the quick response and the generosity of our friends, collaborators and supporters.

Thanks to:

  • Elsa Brenner

  • Eleni Gemeni

  • Jane Schultz

  • Liliana Schwtter
  • Jay Desind
  • Tess Lulu
  • Sylvie Prevot
  • Kurt Norlin
  • Dominique Torrent
  • Alexis Rotella
  • Edward Santos
  • Patricia Clewell
  • Armineh Hovanesian

"You are marvelous!"

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum