The #cyptoclues decrypted files 01 - Mark Daniels Report.
MARK DANIELS - NEM Artistic Committee Member

MARK DANIELS - NEM Artistic Committee Member

Gregory Hargoyle - Head of External Affairs - Terrestrial Department of the Cryptoclues Agency, thanks all the intrepid researchers and ask to Agent Mark Daniels to make a quick Guest Curation choosing and download 10 of the more interesting #cryptoclues and post them all together with the names of the fearless researchers.

THE CRYPTOCLUES RESEARCHERS: Monica Kårbro, Dirk Decker, Eleni Gemeni, Andrea Bigiarini, Jale Yuce, Mark Schnidman, Hilary Packard, Mehmet Duyulmus, Lorenka Campos, Catherine Schell Caddigan.

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