NEM KARMA - The Artist's pick: Andrea Gessat

Andrea Gessat


Once a month I ask one artist to curate and select 8 photos from the NEM KARMA PHOTO ALBUM. This month was the turn of Andrea Gessat. She really surprise me with her selection!.. I may say she has an incredible eye, and also very critique.. Here is what she wrote:
“To put it in a modern way, karma can be explained as the tendencies of the soul, because karma is the imprint of memories from past lives that remain in each soul.”
— Aldo Pacheco - NEM Karma Curator

FEATURED ARTISTS: Shawn Moore, Lynne Overstreet Jordan, Shawn Moore, Karen Axelrad, Claudia Contreras, Leor Levine, Vicki Cooper and Alejandro Pacheco

Writer, author & digital artist. Founder of the New Era Museum